BrickBoards & WareBoards

Protect your tie downs and keep your load secure


Protect your Tie-Downs and ensure your load stays secure with plastic BrickBoards A.K.A WareBoards. Encouraged by the MTO and the DOT, BrickBoards help prevent strap damage during transit and help keep our motorways safe. Rated for even the most extreme weather conditions.

What Are They and Why Do I Need Them?

Manufactured from a unique blend of HDPE, BrickBoards are an extremely tough, high-strength polymer that are fabricated to hang off the corner of your load. This prevents your Tie-Downs from rubbing against rough material edges, fraying, and their strength becoming compromised. 

Plastruct's Brick Board's can be custom ordered in any size and their durable structure will give you years of safe use. 


Tie-Down Protection

Prevent Load shifting

DOT&MTO recommended


BrickBoard Vs. WareBoard

We manufacture both BrickBoards and WareBoards to ensure our customers can find the load securing solution that is right for them. While WareBoards have reinforced/radiused corners to provide enhanced Tie-Down protection. BrickBoards are manufactured with a full length side wall to prevent the load from shifting, and keep smaller materials from falling off. (Bricks)