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Plastic Welding

Drader Injectiweld Plastic Welder

Drader manufactures the unique Injectiweld plastic welder known worldwide for its high quality weld and ease of use. Drader developed the Injectiweld for bonding thermoplastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonate, polyamides, ABS, polystyrene and others. You can fabricate, prototype, and repair most thermoplastics using the Drader Injectiweld.

Easy to use: The Drader Injectiweld’s automatic feed system enables use of the welder with one hand! It can make strong welds even if the operator does not have extensive welding experience. You can save time and money with the Drader because of its features. The welder's tip works below the surface layer of plastic so there is no need to scrape off the oxidation to get a quality weld. Drader's 12 tips are interchangeable, so your system is versatile. It is also compact allowing you to reach confined spaces easily.

Strong welds: The Drader Injectiweld injects molten welding rod below the surface of the plastic creating a strong weld. The Drader’s tip forms the weld zone and prepares the plastic for a high-pressure injection of molten welding rod. Physical mixing of the plastic substrate and the welding rod makes a strong, high quality bond. The weld is stress free because of the way the Drader Injectiweld fully melts the welding rod.

Fabricating: The Drader Injectiweld is easily adapted into production and assembly applications. Operate the Drader with one hand and hold the plastic with the other. Now try to do that with other welding systems. The Injectiweld is easy to use and lightweight, so it can go into areas where other equipment can not operate.

Repair: Plastic breaks. Repair it with the Drader plastic welder and get it back into service. Cost effectively repair thermoplastics such as containers, totes, fish pens, carts, tanks, pipes, boats, and ATV fenders. The combination of heat and pressure from the Injectiweld produces quality welds on previously un-repairable parts. This has been a very good source of revenue for a number of our customers. In very little time you can accomplish difficult repairs that will hold together with amazing strength!

Prototyping: Develop models and prototypes by using the Injectiweld. The Injectiweld makes strong plastic welds and allows real life tests on welded prototypes. The Injectiweld is capable of producing strong, inconspicuous welds as small as .060". Drader has special prototyping tips, which allow model builders to get into tight spaces.

Rotomolding: The combination of the heated metal tip and the high pressure of the plastic extrudate produce welds on rotomolded parts that are water and airtight. Rotational molders reduce scrap parts by using the Injectiweld to seal seams, blow-bys, and voids. They also use the welder to add baffles, flanges, and fittings onto their plastic products. The strength of the weld is very close to the strength of the virgin material so there is no need to worry about weak spots. To add to the quality of these welds, we can provide you with custom welding rod for an exact colour and material match.

Welding Tips: Drader Injectiweld uses interchangeable tips. With 12 tips, the welder is adaptable to many plastic welding applications. Quality plastic welds result from Drader's high pressure, subsurface injection of molten plastic into the weld zone. The Injectiweld's tip forms the weld zone and prepares the plastic for a high-pressure injection of molten welding rod. Physical mixing of the plastic substrate and the welding rod makes a strong, high quality bond.

Each Drader Welder W30000 Kit includes:

W30000 Injectiweld Plastic Welder 3/16" Fillet Weld Tip (T20001) Concial Tip (T20002) Tip Wrench Infra-Kote Heat Transfer Compound Temperature Adjusting Screw Driver Air Filter Unit Replacement Air Filter Kit Manual Carrying Case

Specifications & Requirements

Weight: 2.7 Kilograms Temperature range: 220°C to 300°C Power: 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 400W or 240 VAC, 50 Hz, 400W Fuse Rating: 4 amp Fuse (2 for 220/240V) Air Pressure - 4 cfm@100 psi, air Plastic Rod Size - 4mm / 5/32" diameter

To purchase a Drader Injectiweld welder, call 800-642-7797 today! We keep them in stock and have practical experience in thier operation. Our own fabrication department has been using Drader plastic welders for many years. We can recommend which tips you require plus provide plastic welding guidelines!



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